Director: Douglas Boswell

Douglas Boswell is a Belgian director. Having directed several successful television series such as ‘Louis Louise’ and ‘De Elfenheuvel’, and a number of award-winning short films, he shot in the summer of 2013 his first feature film ‘Labyrinthus”, based on a script by Pierre De Clercq.

Douglas Boswell

His short film ‘Romance’ has won numerous awards (a.o. Best short film at the Carmona film festival in Spain and the special award at the Warschau film festival in Poland), was selected at many other festivals (Official selection Montreal, Film Fest Ghent, etc.) and was bought by various TV stations in Europe and in the U.S.

Douglas Boswell about Labyrinthus

Grown up under the great influence of adventure blockbusters in the eighties, I was very excited when I read the first draft of Pierre De Clercq’s ‘Labyrinthus’. It must have been seven years ago. Ever since then, we have been eagerly searching for a way to shape the gaming world in an intriguing, unique but yet budget-friendly way.

With a 14 -year-old main character, it was immediately clear that we targeted an audience between 9 and 13. But from the start, the whole team set the bar much higher so we could make a film that would appeal to both a young and an older audience, packed with humour, adventure and tension. ‘Labyrinthus’ is a film that will draw children into a fantasy world, but also adults will be carried away and feel young again for one hour and a half. It’s a children’s film set in a grown up way.

It was fantastic to tinker the thumbnails of the computer world, to see them recreated as CGI (Computer Generated Images) and to see them finally in a film theatre.

To discover the most cinematic nooks and crannies of Ghent, the search for the perfect candidate for the main roles and to pick out the perfect and show-stealing dog made the preparations of the film a real pleasure. I found the music for this film I dreamed of in Pieter Van Dessel’s (Marble Sounds) work. And thanks to the particular approach of cameraman Reinier Van Brummelen – who invented some very risky but ingenious techniques- we could make the computer world one we are very proud about.

At last, it was very nice to work with a young and enthusiastic cast and to see them develop and transcend themselves. It was an honour for me to have the cast and crew collaborate together on a dream that has come true.