Frikke // Spencer Bogaert


Spencer Bogaert (°1997 in Ghent) debuted in theatre. He starred in Campo Victoria’s ‘That Night Follows Day’ (2006-2008) and ‘Before your very eyes’ (2009-2014). Playing the leading role, ‘Labyrinthus’ is his film debut. Spencer will also star in another Flemish film to be shot in 2015 (title: tba).

14-year-old Frikke lives with his mother Tilde and his sister Dorien in a provincial town. Being adventurous by nature, he’s a handy craftsman and not shy at all. Frikke has a big dog that listens to the name of Pikkels.

Once Frikke discovers the truth behind the horrible game, he doesn’t escape his responsibility and tries everything in his power to save the lives of Nola and the other children.

Rudolf // Pepijn Caudron


Actor and musician Pepijn Caudron had his first leading role in ‘Los’ by Jan Verheyen. In 1995, he debuted in the TV-series ‘Heterdaad’ and starred later in other series such as ‘Monster!’, ‘Rang 1’, ‘De kotmadam’, ‘Zone Stad’, ‘Binnenstebuiten’ and ‘Aspe’. As a musician (aka Kreng), he worked on the soundtrack of ‘Cooties’ by Elijah Wood. In theatre, he worked for Abattoir Ferme (o.a. ‘Chaos Trilogy’), NTG, Malpertuis, Het Toneelhuis, HETPALEIS (‘Hamlet’), etc.

Rudolf was a brilliant designer of computer games in a previous life. But for some time it’s ‘game over’ for him and he lives in retirement somewhere in the city. And then one day, he receives a mysterious package, asking if he want to try out a new game…

Nola // Emma Verlinden


Emma Verlinden took her first steps to acting in the musicals ‘Oliver!’ and ‘Annie’. Emma has many talents: she participates in recital contests, did the support act for the puppet theatre ‘Moon’ and won the Kunstbende award with a song on the piano.

Nola is a girl that got lost in the labyrinth. She has dark hair, striking eyes and ever since he first saw her, Frikke has a little crush on her. As she overcomes her fear and uncertainty with the support of Frikke, Nola turns out to be clever, brave and resourceful. Frikke also experiences her as being a little bit stubborn.

Marko // Felix Maesschalck


Felix Maesschalck (°1998) debuted in 2010 in the successful TV-series ‘Thuis’. Later, he had also roles in other successful series such as ‘De Ronde’ (Leon) and “Clan” (Ruben). He also featured in the series ‘Salamander’. He made his film debut in ‘Allez Eddy’ and appeared later in ‘Time of my life’ by Nic Balthazar and ‘Los Flamencos’ by Daniel Lambo.

Marko is Frikke’s classmate and best friend. They are inseparable. Marko has a crush on Isa, a girl from another school. He is scheming all kinds of ‘simple’ plans to see her when school’s out. Nevertheless, he needs Frikke’s help to dare to speak to her.

Meneer Arnolds // Herwig Ilegems

Arnolds - Herwig Illegems

Herwig Ilegems (°1962) appeared in recent Flemish films like ‘Groenten uit Balen’ by Frank van Mechelen, ‘Los Flamencos’ by Daniel Lambo, ‘Halfway’ by Geoffrey Enthoven and Roel Mondelaars debut film ‘Plan Bart’. Boswell and Ilegems worked together for the first time on the set of Douglas Boswell’s short ‘Samaritan’. On TV, he had several guest roles in ‘Buiten de zone’, ‘Raf en Ronny’, ‘Super 8’, Zone Stad’, ‘Aspe’, ‘Zingaburia’, ‘Quiz me Quick’, and ‘Vriendinnen’ (expected in 2015). He also played the popular character Herman in ‘Van vlees en bloed’ by Tom van Dijk and the character of Rob in ‘Met man en macht’ by Tom Tom Lenaerts and Van Dijk. Herwig Ilegems conceived, wrote and directed (along with Bart Meuleman) the TV-series ‘Duts’ in which he also played the title role. He‘s a freelance theatre actor for various companies including De Roovers, Jan Decorte, comp. Marius and FC Bergman. He also founded together with Bart Meuleman and Mark Verstraete Cowhide. They created four plays together.

Mr. Arnolds is a friendly-looking fifty something and earns his money as a school photographer. He also owns a slightly old-fashioned shop in town with a photo studio. He sells analogue films and various second hand and new photo material and cameras. Mr. Arnolds isn’t a big fan of the digital age…

Tilde // Tine Embrechts


Tine Embrechts (°1975) works as an actress in the theatre for companies such as STAN, de Kakkewieten, Laika, etc. She sang for El Tattoo Del Tigre, Hormonia and the television show ‘Jukebox 2000’. Though she featured ‘Dirty Mind’ by Pieter van Hees, ‘Turquaze’ by ‘Kadir Balci’, ‘Brasserie Romantiek’ by Joel Vanhoebroeck and ‘Morrocan Gigolos’ by Ismael Saidi, she’s best known for her television work. For five seasons, she was in the Canvas series of Hugo Matthysen and Bart Peeters ‘Het Peulengaleis’ for which she received the Joseph Plateau Award for best television actress in 2003. She was also in ‘De Liegende Doos’, ‘Nefast voor de Feestvreugde’, ‘Los Zand’, ‘Click-ID’, ‘Zingaburia’, ‘de Anneliezen’ en ‘Tegen de Sterren op’ and did a lot of guest appearances in other shows. She also presented along with Bart de Pauw ‘De Kinderpuzzel’ and she played in the prestigious TV-series ’Quiz Me Quick’, directed by Jan Matthijs. For her role as Gwendy, she was awarded a ‘Television Star’ for best actress in 2013. Nowadays, Tine tours through Flanders as a singer along with Guido Belcanto and the magical Decap organ with ‘Ballroom of Broken Hearts’. She will also star in the new VRT TV-series ‘Hier is Harry Buts’.

Tilde is the mother of Frikke and Dorien. She a single and works as graphic designer, mostly at home. At times, she and her daughter become desperate of that guzzler of a son and brother Frikke. And there’s no greater contrast than the neat and orderly office of Tilde and the room of Frikke.

Dorien // Nell Cattrysse


Nell Cattrysse (°2006) debuted next to Johan Heldenbergh and Veerle Baetens in ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’ by Felix Van Groeningen, which kept her out of 500 other candidates. At that time, she didn’t have any drama or film experience.

Dorien is the younger sister of Frikke. Frikke loves his little sister very much but like all big brothers do, he sometimes teases her. Dorien loves her cat Mops very much.

Eddy // Ivan Pecnik


Ivan Pecnik graduated in 1994 from the Herman Teirlinck studio and works as actor, musician and performing artist. He is best known for his performances in the humorous TV-show ‘Tegen de sterren op’ and the TV-series ‘Zone stad’. He appeared together with Michael Pass and Lien Van de Kelder in Lars Von Trier ‘s ‘Nymphomaniac’ and also featured in other TV-series including ‘Clan’, ‘De Ridder’, ‘Deadline 14/10’, ‘Sara’, ‘De Elfenheuvel’ and ‘Quiz Me Quick’. He also starred in the musicals ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘Domino’. In theatre, he worked for KNS, ‘t Arsenal, NTG and Raamtheater.

Eddy is a tramp who likes a beer from time to time. Everyone in town knows Eddy. He has a big mouth but a small heart. No one can be really angry with Eddy. Except for…


Miranda // Pommelien Thijs


Pommelien Thijs (°2001) presented ‘Ketnet Kookt’, ‘De Zooreporters’ and ‘Ketnet Kingsize’ for Ketnet and ‘Jij kiest’ for Kzoom. Later, she turned to musical and had the leading role in ‘Annie’ (produced by Music Hall). She also sang in the K3 tour ‘Eyo’ and in the choir of the christmas show by Samson & Gert. Recently, she had supporting roles in the TV-series ‘Vermist’ and ‘Vriendinnen’. Although she already did a few dubbings for youth films, ‘Labyrinthus’ was her film debut.

Miranda is 13 years old and always asks the wrong questions at the wrong time. She especially works on Marko’s nerves.